Live Design Management
Live Design Management
Can you imagine how easy it would be if you can design and change your website look and feel by just a few clicks?
And how convenient would it be if you can save a number of your own designs and be able to apply one of them anytime to your website?

VevoCart is now offering a new feature called Live Design. And it is now to help your design task much easier than before.
Live Design Management
What is Live Design?
Live Design is a tool that enables you to customize your store's look and feel by yourself - color, background, font, and border - in any way you like.

It also offers a preview feature which means that you will be able to see the difference of your customization before it actually takes effect at the storefront or your real website.

Also for Premium version, different customized themes can be applied on different stores.
Live Design Management
Work with Live Design
To be able to play with Live Design, you need to create a new preset. A preset is like a theme that you can customize.

When you open Live Design for the first time, there is only one preset which is named Default. You cannot edit or delete this preset as this preset represents the default look and feel of the theme offered by VevoCart(currently Live Design supports only ResponsiveGreen).

This default theme is useful when one wants to change the website to the original look and feel.
After you create a new preset, you will see that there are four components which can be customized - color, border, background, and font.
Live Design Management

For color, you can change color of several components such as main menu, side bar, content, link, and so on.

For border, you can still change the color of a border, but you can also change border's style and size.

For background, you can upload an image of choice to your background, and can customize the detail such as background position and background repeat, for example.

For font, there are five basic things that can be customized in font aspect which are font family, font size, font weight, font italic, and font underline.

When you are done with the customization, then you can save this preset. After you save the preset, it is up to you whether to apply this preset now or later to the website. If not satisfied with this one, you can also create another preset. Numbers of presets are not limited.

So feel free to experiment as many colors, borders, backgrounds, and fonts as you would like to.
Live Design Management
Customizing Live Design
Currently Live Design supports only Responsive Green and will support other themes offered by VevoCart soon.

However, if you have customized your own theme in VevoCart, or it can't be waited for LiveDesign to support more themes, it is really not too difficult for you to customize LiveDesign to do so given that you have some coding experience.
Live Design Management
Benefit of Live Design
  • You don't need a coding knowledge to change your website's look and feel anymore.
  • You can change an aspect of one element at once. For example, if you change the color of content in Live Design, then the color of ALL contents in your website will be changed.
  • You can save unlimited number of presets and be able to apply them anytime. This make it convenient for you to change the look and feel for your website according to the events or the time in year.
  • You can choose different presets to be applied on different stores.
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